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Reading Wildlife Track & Sign

Because of the interest in the Reading Wildlife Track & Sign workshops held in March, Long Island Nature Organization is offering two more single day workshops at the Quogue Wildlife Refuge on Friday (May 2) and Saturday (May 3). The workshops are affiliated with the international CyberTracker organization; this is the first time these workshops are being offered on Long Island.


Read Mike’s column and see more pictures from the March workshops here.

Led by George Leoniak (http://www.leoniaktracking.com/), a widely recognized New England-based animal tracker, and Antioch University New England adjunct faculty member, the workshops will provide participants the opportunity to pursue Track and Sign Certification from CyberTracker Conservation, a globally recognized non-profit that established the international standard for assessing wildlife tracking and sign skills. Participants in the one-day workshop will have the opportunity to test for Level I certification, and those on the two-day workshop can test for the Level I through Level IV certifications

In wildlife research and monitoring, natural sign surveys are an effective means of collecting data on the presence, range and distribution of animal species.  However, there are concerns about the integrity of the data from these types of surveys.  In response to these concerns, the CyberTracker Conservation Evaluation System was designed to establish reliable, standardized tracking skills.

These workshops are open to naturalists, environmental and outdoor educators, amateur trackers and citizen scientists, professional biologists, and students (minimum age 16) seeking to increase their wildlife tracking and observation skills, and sign knowledge.

Participants, regardless of experience, will have the opportunity to learn about reading track and sign, and develop their observation skills, although not everyone is assured of receiving a certificate for reaching Level I, II, III or IV proficiency. The certification process begins at the outset of the workshop and continues through the day. For more information about the program, visit http://trackercertification.com/

Fees for the workshops: $110 / person. Enrollment is limited to 14 per session.
[NOTE: Long Island Nature Organization members are entitled to a 10% discount on fees]

Participants will meet regardless of temperature and weather (rain or shine) at 8:30 AM. Dress accordingly and bring lunch, snacks and drinks. After a brief orientation, we will spend the day in the field. A series of questions will be presented, and the answers discussed. There will be an equal proportion of easy, moderate, and difficult questions asked. The tracks and signs of any species, whether big or small, clear or obscure, may be included. Some examples of questions are: What species made this track? Who’s feeding sign is on this acorn? What gait is this animal using? Who left this scat/dropping?

For more information or questions contact Mike Bottini at mike@mikebottini.com or 631-267-5228.

ONLINE REGISTRATION IS AT www.longislandnature.org

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